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Dearly Beloved:


In my last mailing, I included information about a very powerful and moving film titled Life in a Box. This film has won several prestigious awards, including Best Evangelistic Film, Best Youth Film and 2005 Best Motion Picture.

To me, the most important of these awards is Best Evangelistic Film. Life in a Box is very effective in youth meetings, home gatherings and churches. Already, hundreds have given their lives to Christ immediately after seeing the film. There is seldom a dry eye wherever it has been shown.

And this film is not just for youth. People of all ages have been deeply moved by it. Those in the film industry have called it a soul-stirring eye opener. Even cynical critics have been touched while viewing it.

Life in a Box has proven to be a special tool of evangelism. And this 30-minute movie is available in both DVD and VHS. Youth pastors are showing it at youth rallies, pastors are showing it to their congregations, and home groups are screening it for their gatherings.

If you have had difficulties in personal soul-winning, or you have lacked opportunities to witness to the unsaved, this is one way you can reach needy souls in a unique way. Invite friends to a viewing and let the movie speak to their hearts. It is an excellent film for you to view for yourself, and then send as a gift to friends or family members who need to hear a convicting word from the Lord. Many are coming back to their first love for Jesus as a result of seeing it.

I am offering Life in a Box to our mailing list before it is distributed in stores across the country. I have enclosed an order form for your use, or you can order through our Web site at To place a credit card order by phone, please call 903-963-8626. The price we're asking is $13 each (plus shipping) for either DVD or VHS.

Your missions gift to help us minister to the needy through our many outreaches will be much appreciated.

God bless you.

His bondservant,

April 11, 2005

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