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Dearly Beloved:


We have just returned from our ministers' conference in Kenya, Africa. The meetings there were both historical and miraculous. Pastors came from all 42 tribes, and over 150 various denominations and ministries were represented.

The meetings were glorious. There had been much strife and division among the various denominations, unbeknown to us. But the Holy Spirit tore down all the walls, removed strife, and healed and restored on all sides. No man could have brought together so many various religious groups in one place — no man could so move on the hearts of wounded bishops and pastors and their wives. It had to be the special, loving work of the Holy Spirit. After reconciliation and public repentance, the glory of the Lord came and renewed his people. It was awesome to behold. To God be all the honor and glory!

Kenya is a very poor nation but rich in spiritual hunger and enthusiasm for God's work. We were deeply shocked while walking through the horrible slums in suburban Nairobi, the capital city. We were told that nearly one million people live in those pitiful shacks of tin and cardboard, with no electricity, no pure running water, and no sewage system. I have seen the terrible slums in Argentina, Brazil and other countries, but this is called the worst slum in all of Africa. It is ravaged by AIDS, hunger and hopelessness, with people walking about, many aimlessly, looking for food or a few hours of work to feed their children.

I can't get the horrible scenes out of my mind. The heart screams out, “How did this happen? Why aren't rich nations reaching out with meaningful help?” Christians have had their faith tested when they see the suffering of the children. They think to themselves, “How could God allow this to happen? How could a loving God permit such horror?” Even some pastors have been so overwhelmed that they lost their faith by such devastating sights.

The only question I asked God was, “How can we do something? What can we do to change at least some of the awful conditions?” Many ministries are there, feeding, digging wells, laboring in the neediest areas — but the needs are so great, so widespread, with so many hundreds of thousands hurting that many more are needed.

Our ministry is building schools in slums in the Far East, in Brazil and other countries. We support orphanages caring for thousands of children — and now we are praying about moving into this cesspool slum in Kenya. We have already sent generous funds there to help a school for children operated by indigenous churches. We hope to build a school and a free clinic for children and establish a continuous feeding program.

Most of you know I am now 75 years old, but I am asking the Lord to allow me to take on this one last challenge before I meet our Master face to face. I do not want to stand before my Lord with blasphemous thoughts of accusing him of neglecting the poor. I know all this madness and chaos is the result of mankind's rebellion against God. Sin is the most destructive force in all the world. I want to stand before the Lord saying, “At least we did something. At least we became witnesses to your love and your outstretched hands of compassion.”

I am not asking anyone for money. If this is truly God's burden and not mine, he will supply all we need to fulfill this vision. Will you pray? God love you!

In Christ,

April 9, 2007

DW:bbm 11.29.15

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