• Where Were You When I Was Hurting?

    Nicky Cruz

    We will not escape suffering in this life. All of us will face times in our life when we hurt and feel isolated or abandoned. King David was a man who knew what it was to face hard times. He also knew how to cry out to God, express his pain, and place his hope in God. Jesus, too, felt firsthand the pain of feeling like God has left you alone in your difficulties. Our God is a personal God. He is with you. He will protect you and provide for you. God has not forsaken you!

  • An End Times Call to Repentance

    Gary Wilkerson

    Pastor Gary Wilkerson examines the progressive decline of the church as addressed by Jesus to John in the Book of Revelation. As each church is encouraged and built up by Jesus, he also brings up issues that need to be corrected. Jesus and the Bible deal with sin, and so should the church today. Sin is not to be taken lightly. We know that in Christ there is no condemnation, but the Holy Spirit will bring conviction to point out areas in your life that are compromised. The remedy is repentance.

  • A Day When Many Walked Away From Jesus

    Jesus is the bread of life, He came down from heaven not to do His own will but to do the will of His Father. Don’t walk away from Jesus to go your own way and do your own will. If you want to be truly satisfied in this life, make the choice to pray, “not my will but thine be done.” After you make that choice, prepare to be sent and supplied with supernatural power.

  • Special Favor

    Gary Wilkerson

    Things can be going great in life, when all of a sudden hard times hit. One could be tempted to look at this as a loss of God’s favor, but Pastor Gary Wilkerson shows through scriptural examples that these are actually seasons of God’s special favor.

  • Overwhelming Victory

    Gary Wilkerson

    Life can be going your way when all of sudden hardship and difficulties come flying at you. That’s what happened to the disciples when Jesus was arrested, crucified and sealed in a tomb. Faith, hope and expectation are replaced by confusion, doubt and skepticism. We can’t stay down though. We can’t let unbelief become our lifestyle. The disciples experienced a setback on Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday experienced overwhelming victory! Get up. Press forward. Your victory is coming!

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  • A Donkey or a Horse

    Michael Petillo

    Pastor Michael Petillo looks at the triumphal entry of Jesus from the perspective of a Roman soldier. Millions of people crowded into Jerusalem during the Jewish religious celebrations—creating great tension and potential for an uprising against Roman occupation. Yet, when Jesus rode in, with the crowds shouting, the Roman soldiers did nothing. Perhaps they thought this was a ridiculous spectacle. The soldiers were used to seeing triumphant kings riding in on horses and chariots, not on a donkey. In this Palm Sunday sermon, Pastor Michael Petillo asks, "Why a donkey and not a horse?"

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