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Gary Wilkerson 2.15.15

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our Freeway series talking about awareness. When the Bible says to examine ourselves we tend to focus on the negative, but it also means seeing if something is acceptable by looking for the good. Yes, there is a time to look for weights that slow us down or things that hinder the fullness of God in our life, but we are not to grovel in our sin and failure, but rest in the finished work of Christ.

Gary Wilkerson 2.8.15

Pastor Gary Wilkerson kicks off our Freeway sermon series talking about prodigals. In Luke 15, we see an all-out prodigal who blew his entire inheritance on wild living. Partway prodigals are more common though. They maintain a form of right behavior, while self-managing "small" sin that no one knows about. Whether an all-out prodigal or a partway prodigal, the remedy is the same; come into the house and celebrate the Father's love.

Carter Conlon 2.8.15

Those who make right choices, will have a bright testimony. We will live in mediocrity, if we choose to walk by our own reasoning. We are invited to petition God for the power to stay away from everything that would dull our spirit. God is looking for a people who will shine like sign posts so they can lead people into His heart.

Gary Wilkerson 2.1.15

How is the church to respond when the world around us seems to be coming apart? Pastor Gary Wilkerson draws the answer from 1 Peter 4:7–11 in what he calls "The 7-11 Vision." In these verses, Peter encourages Christians to continue loving deeply, to have disciplined and earnest prayer, to host friends as well as strangers, and to use our spiritual gifts to serve others.

Carter Conlon 2.1.15

The call of God involves change. It leads us to the unknown and the uncomfortable. The will for self-preservation can be our fiercest enemy. Jesus understands what it means to struggle with weakness and fear, that is why He invites us to come boldly to the thrown of grace. In these last days our cry should be, “not my will but yours, here I am Lord what would you have me to do?”

Nicky Cruz 1.11.15

Guest speaker and one of the overseers of The Springs Church, Nicky Cruz shares about the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Peter, Paul and even his own life. There is power that comes from the Holy Spirit that enables us to go to the ends of the earth telling people about Jesus. When the Holy Spirit is at work, chains fall to the ground and prison doors swing open. Our greatest weapons are faith and prayer. We must pray and believe that Jesus can and will deliver and save.

Carter Conlon 1.11.15

Fear robs the heart of the courage we have in Christ. God has not given you a spirit of fear rather He has given you His love and placed inside of you the power to do something to bring glory to His name. We are empowered by the Spirit of God, secure in His love and made free to love one another and our enemies.

Gary Wilkerson 1.4.15

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our sermon series in the Gospel of John, sharing about how God wants to do unimaginable things in our lives. In John 6:16–21, we see that God intends each of us to have a destination, drive and delight. He wants to bring children closer to God and bring healing in our lives. The destination is the vision and calling that he has given to each one of us. We can move forward with passion and eagerness when this calling in clear.

Carter Conlon 1.4.15

How does God respond to a nation that thinks they can live ungodly lives without consequences? God responds with a final act of mercy. He will draw those who desire to know Him and give us a revelation of His power, majesty and glory. We will have a soberness in the hour we are living and the hope that is set before us in Christ.

Gary Wilkerson 12.14.14

It isn't uncommon to get off to a great start full of faith and excitement only to get derailed when difficulties come along. Like Philip we look at our resources and realize we don't have enough—money, faith, skill, etc. Fortunately we know one who makes all the resources of heaven available to us. Rather than fixating on the crisis, look to the one who can resolve your crisis. With dependent confidence draw near to Jesus in prayer, the Bible and community.

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