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Personal Words of Encouragment from the Life of David Wilkerson 'One Day at a Time'

Latest Sermon

  • Devotional
    Jim Cymbala

    In the Old Testament, where there was no water, there was no life. People died during droughts. Likewise, unless the living water of the Spirit is flowing in us, we and our churches will have an absence of spiritual life and little vitality. Just as in the Mojave Desert, no water equals no life, no growth, and no fruit.

  • Pulpit Series Newsletters
    Gary Wilkerson

    As we begin 2017, I believe it would bring great pleasure to the heart of God if we would fall to our knees and ask him what he would desire to see done differently in our church and our own lives.

  • Sermon
    Gary Wilkerson

    Because Jesus came and was exalted, Christians have the promises and the power needed to stand firm in the Lord. Some of the promises that we have are peace that surpasses all understanding, knowing the secret to living with plenty and with nothing, and the knowledge that we can do all things through Christ! Once we begin to understand these promises, we will begin to live for the glory of God.

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