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Daily Verse

  • Devotional
    David Wilkerson

    There is so much bad news, so much division and distortion on all sides. Reports of depravity, terror, hatred and political turmoil seem to overload our senses.

    In the midst of this restlessness and disorder, I hear God’s Word telling me to rejoice greatly and be glad.   

    “Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud upon their beds” (Psalm 149:5).

  • Pulpit Series Newsletters
    Gary Wilkerson

    I’m not used to writing messages on this subject, and you may be surprised by this one. I prepared it with great reservations; it took me far beyond my comfort zone, even though I’m dedicated to preaching the whole counsel of God. Right now I’m compelled to speak because of something I see happening in our culture. I’ve grown convinced that America now stands on the brink of one the most extreme judgments it has ever faced.

  • Sermon
    Gary Wilkerson

    Pastor Gary Wilkerson urges the church to run from corrupt community. Run from churches who promote comfort and ease. Run from false teachers who preach only self-help and prosperity, rather than conviction and repentance of sin. Our best life is not now, but with Jesus in Eternity. Cling to the cross tightly and be encouraged. God will bring you into biblical gospel community.

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